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Attention to detail.

To us, real estate development is the art of diligence and precision. When our experience touches your life, even the smallest of details matter. The pursuit of lasting value is not just an ambition to us – it has a concrete goal located in the place that you will call your home. We go the extra mile to achieve the winning blend of selected materials, technologies, aesthetics and environment, to provide comfort today, tomorrow, and in the long term.

To make your home an authentic life experience, RE Excellence settles for nothing less than the highest standard of excellence of its projects. In pursuit of these standards, we redefine the meaning of true attention to detail. A home that meets our customer’s expectations is an approach that inspires us.

It is time for homes designed for everything but boring lives. The projects we are currently developing: Žvėrynas City , where city meets nature, and Žygimantų 12 , calling for a special encounter with the Old Town.

Žvėryno city
Žvėryno city

Homes that create value today and in the future

Our extensive experience creates value for you in the future. We believe that the true luxury of today – tranquillity – shines through not only in small touches, but also in the overall picture. Preserving the sense of privacy and personal space, feeling safe both outdoors and at home, preserving natural resources, creating lasting value, seamlessly integrating into the cityscape, maintaining natural oases of nature and ensuring comfort are just some of the challenges we are continually addressing and managing. Together with our partners, RE Excellence has implemented three high-value real estate projects in prestigious locations of Vilnius, while another two are under development.


our clients already call 1,500+ apartments their authentic homes

Old Town and Žvėrynas

are two prestigious locations in Vilnius where we have built premium class apartments


projects have already been completed to the highest standards

for living

From the very first beginning, we aim to create not just a visual, but also a sensory experience, offering a blend of historical layers and modern technologies, architectural impression and function. Living in the era of aesthetics, we first encounter them in our immediate surroundings – our home. Sustainable solutions often remain unnoticed, but are always felt.


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The RE Excellence brand brings together seasoned real estate professionals who build on their experience by contributing to the development of globally and locally recognised real estate projects. By combining the most valuable skills of every individual, we drive our team towards unexpected ideas, innovations, and success. From residential to commercial and investment properties, we understand the unique needs of each of our clients. It is not just about buying and selling – it’s a journey to an authentic home for both you and your business.

Strong individually, powerful together. Let’s talk, maybe we are travelling along the same path?

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